Sophisticated Online Client Portal

Trader Account is the client portal exclusively designed for forex and bullion traders, providing basic online business service for every client who has access to brokers. Trader Account helps clients to get rid of paper-based process and establishes an efficient online customer service process by allowing clients to complete operations such like account opening, deposit and withdrawal, and leverage modification easily as long as they have access to the system.

Only Take You 60 Seconds to Apply a Trading Account

A unbeliveable comfortable process of online apply a trading account , very simple and so reliable, no distance docking the mainstream platform and economic management background, real-time news mechanism to inform the broker to check the account information, take you to make the first step in efficiency.

Smooth Online Account Opening Process

Make traders put aside the harassment of the offline process, closer to understand their own transactions, support the main multi-class payment channels, complete deposit in 10 seconds with UnionPay , real-time transfer.

One-Site Manger Your Information, Accounts, Transfer, etc.

We integrated into a more clear online system, leave the original process away which need to be more than a line of nodes to complete the work, to let your funds, personal information management unprecedented flexibility, make the headache business application will no longer to delay you 1 second.

Exclusive OEM Solution for Brokers and Customized Brand LOGO, Access Domain

We really give the information autonomy back to the brand itself, you can customize your own domain name, Logo, and any place you can see, as far as possible the release of the original brand has the charm, and with the efficient System complement each other.

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