Provide full interface services of global foreign exchange and financial derivatives market conditions, news, trade signals and others.

Personalized terminal investor service platform and liquidity providers, banks have been insurmountable data barriers, developers often need very long development time and cost, to dock upstream financial market data. Feed Work is a global financial market data aggregation engine developed by Lean Work, which provides developers with access to data such as market, news, trade signals and other data in the Open API. Developers only need to develop once, you can easily access foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index and so on more than 50 kinds of financial derivatives market real-time quotes, easy to achieve the end of the page and mobile market display and other applications.

Full Range

To provide foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index and other OTC market more than 50 mainstream trading varieties of real-time quotes and news data.

Data Integrity

Not only to provide all the trading varieties of real-time tick tick market, but also exclusive support for long period of history Tick data query, and nine time-level history of K-line data query.

Friendly API

Real-time quotes to provide WebSocket interface; history K line and historical Tick query to provide Http interface; support any programming language.

Quickly and Real-Time

Through the bank and the exchange of the quotation system, to provide the last K-line data real-time updates.


Multi-channel data source backup, the main data source is automatically switched to the standby data source after the interruption, but also support the automatic replenishment of lost data.

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