Solution for Broker setup from 0 to 1

What LEAN WORK can do for you?

Seamlessly docking the mainstream trading platform

LEAN WORK can provide an integrated online account and deposit services for investors to open the first step in efficiency; through the integration of upstream market quotes, transactions, news and other data for investors to grasp the full range of market dynamics To provide convenience.

Flexible automatic rebate system to help build brokerage efficient commission system

LEAN WORK can provide multi-dimensional, multi-level, automated rebate mode, the broker can be flexible according to the specific circumstances of choice, so as to encourage and develop more straight guest Subordinate agent.

One-Site management

LEAN WORK show all the straightforward and agent resources, and fine to follow up from the submarine to the account of all the gold into the process, to achieve zero contact with the customer.

Basic function
SAAS Cloud Service
5*24 Technical Support
128-digit Security Encryption
Data Backup
Characteristic function
Support MT4 and MT5 etc servers Customized Brand LOGO Customized Access Domain
System Security Customize System Outgoing Mailbox Configuration Trading Account Field Customize
Clients Field Customize Role Authorization Configuration Commision Rule Setup
Rebate in Real-Time Promotion Setup Client Management
Account Management Account Reports Client Relationship Management
Task Management Promotion Links System Message