Brokerage Business/Customer/IB Management System

Broker Work is a system that integrates back office, CRM and IB management. It has the interface to MT4/MT5 or cTrader, these main trading platforms, supporting fast online registration, deposit/withdrawal and other service which need to be permitted by back office. Broker Work has a one-stop customer management system which can group clients and use multiple contact methods to communicate with the clients, Broker Work also has an automatic rebating system and flexible IB management environment. Furthermore, it supports visual data analysis interface and flexible authority control mechanism.

Convenient back office business management system

Flexible and powerful authority control, improving internal data security
Easy control account status, account information and other account related operation
Detailed statistics statements: account, commission, sales/IB performance report
Online audition for registration, deposit/withdrawal and other tasks. The authenticity of customer information is able to be verified

Lean operation customer management system

Summarize customer key information, providing a complete overview and a unified maintenance interface
Tracking customer status from potential, sign up, deposit to dealing, the whole process automatically
Grouping clients by multi-dimensional, improving conversion and remaining rate by pointed marketing strategy
Multiple customer touch channel: Email, SMS, system message and VoIP

Powerful IB management system

Support multi-level IB management and rebating rules setting
IB private promotion link helps sales/IB to develop clients
Detailed commission report, showing commission settlement by daily or by real-time
Automated IB application and registration process, helping brokers attracting premium IBs

Visualized business intelligence tool – Dashboard

Identify the bottleneck of the business conversion, optimize operation strategies
Monitor the overall customer of the platform, discover the quality customers
Compare the conversion effects of different channels, optimize channel strategies
Easy control the operation status of new comer, cumulative data, deposit amount and commissions

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