Digital customer operations, precision market delivery, lean management

Broker Work is a customized back office management system designed for forex and bullion brokers. Multilevel commission settlement and role setting can be done through Broker Work.It’s an one-stop online business platform, aiming to support brokers’ internal and external users.

Customized CRM System for Forex and Bullion Brokers

Customized Back Office Management Platform for forex and bullion brokers;Quickly set up your own commission settlement system via our powerful and flexible system configuration function.

Support to Set Authorization Rights for Internal and External Multi-level Roles

Supports Flexible setting for internal operation roles, i.e., customer service, finance, trading etc.;Custom different levels under sales account, i.e., sales director, sales manager and sales representative, etc;Custom multi-level agent account authorization and distribution.

Comparable CRM System to Salesforce

Beat Salesforce for two reasons: Simpler and more efficient contacts/clients information management;Support 400 dial free outgoing phone calls and powerful telephone recording statistical function.

Exclusive OEM Solution for Brokers, Custom Brand LOGO and Access Domain

Formulate application to the access of sub-domain; Custom brand LOGO and meet all sorts of OEM requirements.

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