Docking global foreign exchange and futures market channel, low-cost to create high-quality terminal investor service platform

Now, "how low cost to build personalized terminal investor service system" is the most popular topic in the financial field. However, the terminal platform is not built overnight, in addition to the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain resources, need to have deep technical support, in this context, LEAN WORK new product "Bridge Work - trading channel aggregator" should be Health The product aggregates the foreign exchange and futures market mainstream brokerage trading channel and green network, provides developers with a variety of open accounts, market and transaction interface services, supplemented by LEAN WORK bottom infrastructure, making fast, low cost to create high quality Terminal investor service platform is possible.

High-speed and stable network architecture

Lean Work has set up a data server in London and New York, and has set up a Bridge Work data center in Hong Kong. Through the green network connection with the Shanghai access point, the domestic investor service platform is fast and accurate. Real-time foreign exchange futures around the market.

Lightweight and easy to use programming interface

The Bridge Work interface uses the REST style design, provides a standard Http request method, and all API requests are returned in a canonical friendly JSON format, making the interface easy to understand. At the same time using the financial field of international common data communication standard FIX API, open, flexible, safe, easy for developers to quickly docking use.

Efficient and reliable and highly cost-effective cloud services

Bridge Work has a disconnection automatic reconnection mechanism to provide a stable and reliable trading experience for the investor service platform. At the same time, because Bridge Work in the form of cloud services, pay-per-use, only take up very low funding and maintenance costs, so that the top performance and cost-effective and both.

Simple and clear business model

Bridge Work redefines the business model of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the foreign exchange and futures markets: the broker receives the commission income of the investor, the terminal investor service platform gets the commission of the broker, and Bridge Work obtains the channel cost of the upstream and downstream bridge. Simple and clear business model for the foreign exchange and futures market will bring new development space, but also to dock the Bridge Work investor service platform more competitive advantage.

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