What we are

LEAN WORK Is a technology company focused on foreign exchange and futures brokers, precious metals exchanges, fund managers, banks and other financial institutions to provide cloud financial technology services related to customer operations management systems, trading systems, and global financial market data and transactions Channel interface service. The company has accumulated more than 200 financial institutions, including Saxo Bank, Ping An Bank, London Capital Group (LCG), Wall Street, and so on. The company has signed more than 200 financial institutions for the past two years since its founding. Knowledge and other well-known domestic and foreign financial and Internet companies. Set up only four months to obtain the source capital of 1 million US dollars angel round of financing, in July 2016, once again received Hang Seng Electronics, letter days venture capital, source capital and other institutions to participate in the tens of millions of dollars A round of financing.LEAN WORK Is a vibrant financial technology enterprises, carries a big dream, down to earth. We do is a IT and financial cross-border integration of things, determined to become the leading financial industry cloud service providers.

Our Vision

Technology Powers Finance

LEAN WORK Is committed to SAAS cloud services for domestic and foreign financial institutions to provide more convenient, lower cost one-stop IT technology services, significantly enhance the operational efficiency of financial institutions to drive business growth.

Our Values

  • User First

  • Diligent work

  • Mission must be reach

  • Positive and optimistic

  • Step forward

  • Step back

We meet the needs of users as the primary task. We strive for excellence, passion, efficiency, to do everything every thing, to achieve the ultimate. We believe that to maintain a positive and happy attitude, the courage to explore, inclusive mutual aid to work to achieve high output, get long-term higher returns. In LEAN WORK, we are creating unique values every day.

What we looking for

LEAN WORKERS,Our entrepreneurial partners, not just employees