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Broker Work Operations CRM System for Broker

Digital customer operations, precision market delivery, lean management

Broker Work is a customized back office management system designed for forex and bullion brokers. Multilevel commission settlement and role setting can be done through Broker Work.It’s an one-stop online business platform, aiming to support brokers’ internal and external users.

Trader Work 交易者终端服务系统

Sophisticated Online Client Portal

Trader Account is the client portal exclusively designed for forex and bullion traders, providing basic online business service for every client who has access to brokers. Trader Account helps clients to get rid of paper-based process and establishes an efficient online customer service process by allowing clients to complete operations such like account opening, deposit and withdrawal, and leverage modification easily as long as they have access to the system.

Feed Work All-round Engine of Global Financial Markets

Provide full interface services of global foreign exchange and financial derivatives market conditions, news, trade signals and others.

Personalized terminal investor service platform and liquidity providers, banks have been insurmountable data barriers, developers often need very long development time and cost, to dock upstream financial market data. Feed Work is a global financial market data aggregation engine developed by Lean Work, which provides developers with access to data such as market, news, trade signals and other data in the Open API. Developers only need to develop once, you can easily access foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index and so on more than 50 kinds of financial derivatives market real-time quotes, easy to achieve the end of the page and mobile market display and other applications.

Bridge Work Transaction Channel Aggregator of Global Financial

Docking global foreign exchange and futures market channel, low-cost to create high-quality terminal investor service platform

Now, "how low cost to build personalized terminal investor service system" is the most popular topic in the financial field. However, the terminal platform is not built overnight, in addition to the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain resources, need to have deep technical support, in this context, LEAN WORK new product "Bridge Work - trading channel aggregator" should be Health The product aggregates the foreign exchange and futures market mainstream brokerage trading channel and green network, provides developers with a variety of open accounts, market and transaction interface services, supplemented by LEAN WORK bottom infrastructure, making fast, low cost to create high quality Terminal investor service platform is possible.

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