Why Lean Work

Variety Products

Match full range of brokers operating technical requires

Quickly Setup

Fast building, ready to use

Perfect Experience

Extreme experience, in praise of 100+ customers

Cut Costs

Free setup, free upgrade, rental on time

Broker Work

Customized CRM System

Broker Work is a customized back office management system designed for forex and bullion brokers. Multilevel commission settlement and role setting can be done through Broker Work.It’s an one-stop online business platform, aiming to support brokers’ internal and external users.

Trader Work

Sophisticated Online Client Portal

Trader Account is the client portal exclusively designed for forex and bullion traders, providing basic online business service for every client who has access to brokers. Trader Account helps clients to get rid of paper-based process and establishes an efficient online customer service process by allowing clients to complete operations such like account opening, deposit and withdrawal, and leverage modification easily as long as they have access to the system.

Dealer Work

Powerful Risk Hedging System with User-Friendly Interface

Dealer Work is a risk hedging system customized for forex and bullion brokers. Dealer Work is a risk management system based on cloud architecture with a graphical interface, whenever and wherever users can access the application through the browser.The user-friendly interface provides dealers with ultimate user experience, even apprentice dealers can quickly master the usage of Dealer Work system and complex risk control logic.

Open API

One-Site for Global Foreign Currency Futures Market

Through the OPEN API way for developers to provide foreign exchange, commodities and other global financial market real-time market data and trading channels.

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