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Broker Work
Broker’s Back Office/CRM/IB System

Supporting MT4/MT5/c Trader, customized Back Office/CRM/IB System for brokers

Back Office:Business Management System
Flexible access control ensures platform data security
Accept and process customers requests for opening account/money deposit/withdrawal
Powerful reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards help brokers master platform’s Operating conditions easily
CRM:Tracks the entire process of customers from sale leads to account opening, deposit and transactions Combined with Trader Work; Reaching customers through multiple channels such as IP telephony, mail, SMS etc; Performing precise operations for grouped customers to improve conversion rates
IB System:Provides IB application links, exclusive promotional links for multilevel IBs and a full set of system for automatic customer attribution and rebates. This provides powerful competitive advantages for brokers who develop their business through IB models.

Trader Work Client Portal

One-stop terminal for trader’s account management, trading, education, and operation

Trader Work: 60 seconds account opening, 10 seconds fast deposit, Trader Work’s simple and efficient online account opening process and timely message notification mechanism can help brokers simplify business processes; Supporting multiple accounts with the same name; Live broadcast, video on-demand, information, help brokers carry out online investor education, maintain customer stickiness, improve the conversion rate of account opening/deposits.
Trader Work App is a trading platform and operating terminal which is completely branded by brokerage firms. Brokers can customize App name and logo, do promotion and strengthen their own brand. Friendly interface design and convenient mobile terminal help all types of traders easily to get started . Rich market information and market analysis tools form a complete trading decision chain to assist traders in making trading decisions. One-stop integration of account management and transactions reduce user operating thresholds. Trader Work App combined with Broker Work can help brokers continue to operate and convert customers.

Dealer Work
Graphical Risk Management and Bridging System

Graphical Risk Management and Bridging System

The cloud-based bridging system, which is connected to the world's top liquidity providers with stable and reliable quotes. It does not need to install Plug-in unit on the server, and can be accessed at any time and anywhere.
The easy-to-use Risk Management system can flexibly set hedging strategies for different single account or even single order.It allows one-click hedging of risk exposures to liquidity providers and one-button rollover on trading orders.It also has a friendly graphical interface so that novices can start quickly.
Unique innovative Copy Book Trading can help brokers increase their own revenue by positive or negative different multiplier copy strategies to liquidity providers.


Aggregation Engine of quote and transaction

Feed Work is a Quote Aggregation Engine, which provides developer with market access services to global financial market. Developers can easily access real-time quotes of more than fifty kinds of financial markets such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock indexes, and digital currencies, and easily implement market display on different application scenarios such as web-page and mobile .
Bridge Work is an MT4 bridge, which provides developers with all kinds of interfaces including of account opening/deposit/withdraw etc. Bridge Work makes it possible to build high-quality investor service terminals quickly and cost-effectively.

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